Groove Gurus - Your personal Music Stylists


Music plays a pivotal role in all of our lives, enhancing even the most routine activities-exercising, relaxing, dining, traveling, partying or commuting. Music helps to boost our energy, calm our nerves, and can create the perfect vibe when entertaining friends.

Busy schedules make it near impossible to keep up to speed with the latest and greatest hits, never mind dig up our old favorites or cultivate new tastes.

A new personalized music service for the iPod generation; Groove Gurus acts as your own personal music stylist to create “bespoke” compilations tailored to your tastes and personal lifestyle to ensure you’ll never be stuck without the appropriate tunes.

How, exactly, does Groove Gurus work?

Our specialists profile your musical tastes and use that information to buy music, compile it and transfer it to your iPod. We save you valuable time and money by customizing to your unique preference and lifestyle so what you want to hear is always at your fingertips. Our stylists will also purchase an iPod on your behalf if you prefer. Groove Gurus serves as your own personal music stylist.

The Groove Gurus process is simple:
1. We profile your musical tastes and your daily activities.
2. We purchase the music and create playlists and/or DJ mixes to fit your activities.
3. We load the music onto whatever device you use to access music – an iPod (your own or a brand new one), any portable digital device, DVD or laptop.

Here are just a few of our personal services offered:
Live DJ Bookings for your private party or wedding
Bespoke playlist creation
Custom DJ mixes for anything from parties to cocktails
Purchase music accessories, equipment
Home A/V installations