Groove Gurus - Your personal Music Stylists

For Business

Music is a powerful instrument to affect your client’s mood, create the right ambiance and keep your client thinking about your company or event.

Introducing a bespoke music service providing live DJs, DJ Mixes or iPod music compilations exclusively tailored to your fashion show, product launch, fundraiser, store or after-party. We deliver handpicked live DJs, DJ mixes or carefully crafted playlists to suit a variety of industry events and environments.

Our specialists work with you to decide whether live music or iPod compilations are appropriate for your event. According to your needs we choose the perfect DJ from our elite group, or will buy, compile and transfer music to an iPod for your business. Groove Gurus serves as your own music stylist creating personalized compilations that your clients will never forget.

How exactly does Groove Gurus work?

DJ Bookings:
1. We profile your event and attendee details and gather pertinent information.
2. We hand select the perfect DJ or let you do so based on samples.
3. We ensure the proper audio set up for the event, party or show.

iPod Playlists or DJ Mixes:
1. We profile your musical tastes, target audience and/or event specifications.
2. We purchase music and create playlists and/or DJ Mixes to fit your needs.
3. We load the music onto whatever device you use to access music and make sure your playback will be as seamless as your bespoke mix.

Here are just a few additional services we offer:
Music Supervision for movies and tv
Music Videos Directing and Editing
Music accessories or equipment
Song Licensing
Web or hold music mixes
iPod rental
A/V Systems and installation