Groove Gurus - Your personal Music Stylists



Groove Gurus was founded in 2003 by branding and marketing consultants born out of a continual request to share the music we played privately during hosted parties, events and experiential activations. A desire to bring these skills to a wider audience lead to the creation of Groove Gurus, a music consultancy.

By 2008, this grew into new and exciting areas of specialty and other parallel companies pivoting in and around the music and art we love or the activations we produce.

Here are a few of our areas of specialty:

  • Sourcing, selecting and curating music for brands for use in commercials, on-line, in-store and other branding, media and music licensing needs.
  • Strategic planning and production of activations, experiential marketing and other unique events surrounding art, technology and music. 
  • Music programming and music curation for hospitality, retail and other customer engaging environments.
  • Music and art procurement to drive emotion, customer loyalty, product awareness, image and overall customer experience.
  • Content development and strategy for on-line branding, social media, live and digital uses in the entertainment world.
  • Live projections, live animation and AR creation.
  • Influencer and  brand ambassador procurement.
  • Music and art festival consulting in various areas including sponsorships/activations, digital strategies, bookings and brand marketing.
  • Brand Asset design and creation: logos, fonts, packaging, messaging.
  • Music and video production and mixing
  • Entertainment promotion
  • Artist Management at: